We’ve joined the Autoware Foundation.

ITD Lab. Corporation (hereinafter, ITD Lab), Headquarters in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan (Takao SHIGAKI, President & CEO and Keiji SANEYOSHI, CTO), is a company for developing ultra-highperformance stereo cameras and selling the licenses of its technologies.

Effective August 1, 2019, ITD Lab has joined the Autoware Foundation (hereinafter, the AWF), an international alliance dedicated to establishing industry standards for autonomous driving technology.

The AWF is an international alliance jointly established by Tier IV, Inc. (Japan), Apex. AI, Inc. (USA), and Linaro (UK) to develop and spread the autonomous driving open-source software “Autoware” for everyone to use for free of charge.
ITD Lab is expected to contribute to the AWF through stereo camera technologies and has been registered to “Premium” membership, the highest membership level in the AWF.
ITD Lab provides stereo cameras detecting the outline of an object with high resolution and automatically calculating the distance to the object at high speed of 60FPS.
In addition, all the calculations are performed with a single FPGA chip embedded in each stereo camera.
With this configuration, ITD Lab’s stereo cameras output high-quality information to an autonomous driving system in real-time, which is incomparably better than LiDAR sensors, on-vehicle monocular cameras, and millimeter wave radars, and act as a power weapon as the “eyes” of a self-driving car system.
ITD Lab will establish the excellent performances of its products through the AWF and make a substantial contribution to expansion and growth of the AWF.
Mr. Shinpei KATO, Board of Directors of the AWF and Founder CTO of Tier IV, expressed with high expectation to ITD Lab, “Stereo camera is becoming one of essential elemental technologies for autonomous driving system.
ITD Lab’s stereo cameras have high standard technologies in hardware and software, and we believe the company will make up for missing pieces of Autoware. By collaborating with ITD Lab through the AWF, we would like to lead to higher technology and widespread use of the technology.”