Intelligent Stereo Camera
ISC-100VM, ISC-100XC

This product is an evaluation kit, so that you can have a better understanding of ITD Lab’s top-notch technologies and algorishm advantages. Different spec of stereo camera, in terms of baseline length, CMOS resolution and FOV, can be aiso designed easily, depending on your various requirement.

ISC-100 Dimension
Intelligent Stereo Camera Specification
Item ISC-100VM ISC-100XC
Baseline Length 100 mm 100 mm
CMOS Resolution 752 x 480 1,280 x 960
Effective Resolution 640 x 480 1,024 x 720
Lenz Type Tele / Normal / Wide Lenz Available Tele / Normal / Wide Lenz Available
Algorithm Type Original Algorithm Based on SAD Original Algorithm Based on SAD
Effective FOV Tele Approx 30° Approx 30°
Norm Approx 50° Approx 50°
Wide Approx 85° Approx 85°
Detectable Range


Tele 1.5m to 40m 2m to 60m
Norm 0.8m to 20m 1m to 30m
Wide 0.5m to 10m 1m to 15m
Distance Accuracy

( Depth dir. )


Tele 2%(5m), 4%(10m), 6%(15m), 13%(30m) 2%(5m), 4%(10m), 5%(15m), 10%(30m),17%(60m)
Norm 2%(1m), 4%(5m), 8%(10m),13%(15m) 2%(1m), 3%(5m), 5%(10m),8%(15m),16%(30m)
Wide 2%(1m), 8%(5m),17%(10m) 2%(1m), 5%(5m),10%(10m),15%(15m)
Distance Accuracy

( Horizontal dir. )


Tele 2%(2m), 4%(10m), 7%(20m), 14%(40m) 2%(2m), 3%(10m), 7%(30m), 14%(60m)
Norm 2%(1m), 8%(10m), 14%(20m) 2%(1m),5%(10m), 13%(30m)
Wide 2%(1m), 15%(10m) 2%(1m), 10%(10m)
 Frame Rate 60 fps 60 fps
Automatic Calibration Yes Yes
Output Data Parallax Data + Original B/W Image Data Parallax Data + Original B/W Image Data
OS supported Windows10, Linux ※4 Windows10, Linux ※4
Interface USB 2.0 USB 3.0
Power Supply 5V (BUS Powered) 2.5W 5V (BUS Powered) 4.5W

The detectable range of an object on the far (long distance) side may be extended or reduced depending on the tolerance of distance accuracy.

Distance accuracy (depth direction) may change depending on factors such as operating environment including temperature, illuminance, and ambient light; texture of an object; and difference in brightness between an object and the background.

Distance accuracy (horizontal direction) represents a margin of width error in the measurement of an object having a width of 1m at the front of a camera.
Distance accuracy (horizontal direction) may change depending on factors such as operating environment including temperature, illuminance, and ambient light; texture of an object; and difference between brightness of an object and brightness of the background.

Should you have any questions on supported Linux operation system versions, please contact us at

SDK function
OpenISC() Open the connection. CloseISC() Close the connection.
StartGrab() Start the image capture. StopGrab() Stop the image capture.
GetImage() Get the current image. GetDepthInfo() Get the current parallax information.
GetImageSize() Get the current image size. GetCameraParamInfo() Get the current camera parameters.
GetAutoCalibration() Get the current
automatioc caliblation information.
SetAutoCalibration() Set the
automatioc caliblation mode and start.
GetShutterControl() Get the current shutter control information SetShutterControl() Set the shutter control mode and start.
GetGainValue() Get the current gain value. SetGainValue() Set the gain value.
GetExposureValue() Get the current exposure value. SetExposureValue() Set the exposure value.

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