ITD Lab proprietary technology products and services
● Intelligent Stereo Camera ( ISC ) Unit
・ Evaliation unit including exterior(ISC 100VM)
・ Provide optical design and reference circuit design
● Stereo Range Imager ( SRIM ) Technology
・ Chip
・ Consultaion about stereo camera solution
● Development support for stereo camera products
● Development support for self driving solution

Evaluation using stereo camera evaluation unit,
development support

■ ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System)Development

Stereo camera 3D position measurement Automatic detection of pedestrians, cars, obstacles and white lines, etc. appearing in front of a running car by applying SRIM Technology, instantaneously checking the danger of approaching the driver, warning the driver It supports the safe driving of the system. We will provide you with FPGA ROM chip or IP with our technology, as well as support for installation.

Function of FPGA for ADAS (The following functions are realized at 60 fps)

◆ 3D position measurement ◆ object recognition ◆ object tracking
◆ TTC (time between collisions) ◆ automatic adjustment ◆ distortion correction
◆ automatic light adjustment ◆ 3 dimensional map creation ◆ self position recognition

■ Drone’s automatic flight

By installing a stereo camera with an obstacle avoidance function in the drones, safer automatic flight becomes possible

■ Automatic operation unattended operation of specific place

Stereo cameras are also effective for automatic operation at special sites such as mining and mining sites

■ Automation of work by robot

■ Automatic running with collision avoidance function

■ Development for industrial robots learning motions of skilled workers

■ Application to collision accident prevention monitoring system

  installed at intersection etc …


We support technology development in new fields